The CityEDGE International Urban Design Conference series is an open and engaging forum for reviewing the rapid and radical development and design of contemporary urban centres.

The CityEDGE series has brought together in Melbourne, innovative and celebrated international designers, politicians and planners, responsible for reshaping cities around the world, including Paris, Barcelona, Beijing, Beirut, Bangkok, Rotterdam and Berlin.


Public Benefit

1) Ability to attend free of cost keynote conference event

2) Ability to attend highly affordable leading edge conference series

3) Engagement of Australian architects, planners and policy makers with best practice in sustainable development


Sponsor Benefits

1) Partnership with the City of Melbourne in hosting Australia's leading Urban Design and Sustainability Conference series

2) Promotion of global and Australian leadership in sustainable local government, tourism, retail, urban design, art, culture and communities

3) Collaboration and focussed workshops with leading sustainability experts from Berlin, Shanghai, Chennai, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Mexico, London, Paris, AMsterdam, Bogota, Nairobi and Beirut


CityEDGE Outcomes

1) 10 planning workshops (1998-2005) have been developed with other local government agencies utilising keynote CityEDGE speakers

2) Profits ($35,000) from EcoEDGE 1 support the City of Melbourne's Sri Lanka tsunami reconstruction programme in launching 2 mobile libraries in Galle and Hambantota and rebuilding of DIckwella School

3) City Edge (1995) - You've attended the conference now buy the book from Architectural Press, UK, 1995. Sold across Australia, Europe, the USA and Middle East. (CLICK HERE to purchase from Amazon)



Since CityEDGE began in 1998, over 5000 local, interstate and international delegates from the Asia Pacific region have attended conference events. Participants have included local and international architects, planners, developers, local government representatives, politicians, engineers, artists and environmental groups.


Speaker Presentations from EcoEDGE2, February 2008 NOW available


What people are saying about EcoEDGE2

“Fantastic conference with great speakers.”

“A generally stimulating and inspiring range of speakers. The venue is excellent and the tours, cocktail event and the opportunities that the 'street-life' Melbourne provides is a lesson for excellence in urban design and public space design and management, Well done!”

“More please!”

“All excellent!! Thank You!”

“Conference was simply 'great' – need more of it.”

“Great conference – with international speakers – well represented across key nations of interest. We would like more and an ongoing process.”

“I enjoyed the whole conference immensely. The calibre of the speakers was impressive, particularly Enrique Penalosa, Sheela Nair, Bernard Khoury, Mechthild Stuhlmacher … well, pretty much all of them! Great venue, great food, great coctail party – all in all a great event. I will be back.”

“Range of international speakers was excellent. Venue is great. Very well organised.”

“It was good to refresh myself on the importance of case studies such as Bogot√° and the principles from Jan Gehl. There were also some great examples of innovative thinking and real environmental solutions.”

“The conference was very stimulating and informative – especially Santha Sheela Nair.”